Exceptional Agent: Patrick Korth

Published in Windermere Homes and Living issue Spring 2008

WindermerePremiere_coverPatrick Korth has a passion for helping and teaching people. Whether he is teaching children how to hit a ball in little league, promoting employees to management positions, and/or helping people buy and sell their homes, Korth feels most successful and rewarded.

Korth started working for Windermere homes in October 2007 and has been able to feel that same sense of honor and reward. “The real estate industry is not east, but it is definitely worth it when you are able to help your clients get into better situations and places they want to be,” Korth said.

Korth, 47, started in real estate in 1984, but decided to get in the restaurant franchise business. He and his family bought many of Fat Burgers in Las Vegas and managed those for about ten years. Although Korth liked his career in the restaurant business, he decided he needed more flexibility and more freedom. After 10 years of managing Fat Burgers, Korth went back into real estate.

Korth wanted more time to spend with his family and more time to serve the community and thought that with a career in the real estate business, he could once again find that time.

In October of 2007, Korth decided that Windermere would be a good real estate team to join. “Windermere has a much higher level of professionalism, commitment to technology and presence on the Internet. They are a full service real estate company,” he said.

Because of Windermere’s reputation and level of commitment to their clients, they do not just let any real estate agent through the door. Korth however, had much to offer the Windermere team. He has been a Las Vegas resident since 1983 and has lived in Green Valley since 1997. He also has a very positive energy and way to represent the company. Since he has lived in the Las Vegas area for many years, Korth is a good reference point. He has seen, first hand, the pace of growth, what works and what doesn’t, and he tries to bring these characteristics to the table when working with his clients.

Korth finds it important to not only help his clients buy and sell their properties but also to educate them on the market and about their options both in the short and long term. “It’s not a one size fits all economy anymore. You have to make adaptations,” he said. In order for Korth to help his clients the most, he is constantly researching and reading. He reads everything from banking statistics to the President’s Initiative speech.

Korth does not only work as a full-time real estate agent, he is also a husband and father to two teenage sons, and enjoys participating in the community. For the past few months Korth has been very politically involved. On top of all his professional and personal responsibilities, he has found time to attend political rallies and meetings. “I find it riveting and it is significant to everyone’s future.” Korth even encourages his kids to be involved as well.

After getting back in the real estate business, Korth and his wife decided to buy some property of their own. In 2005, the couple bought two beach houses in South America. Right now they are renting them as vacation properties, but hope to retire there eventually. “Working in the real estate business in South America definitely gives perspective and tempers you,” Korth said. “The systems in the United States are much more thorough and complete – down there you just have to roll with the punches.”

Although Korth has many outside interests and endeavors, he does not see himself leaving Windermere and/or the real estate business any time soon. “This doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun, and it’s rewarding,” he said. Although Korth thinks the only other profession he could see himself getting involved in would be the political world he said, “I’m just going to watch from afar, and enjoy what I am doing.”

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