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Published in View News issue 01/15/2008

the viewThe vision of a 1930s Parisian brothel was brought to life last month, thanks to Las Vegas-based business Copper Creek Partners, 5050 Steptoe St.

CatHouse, the new 10,000-square-foot ultra lounge located inside the Luxor, was designed by Cagley & Tanner, which then turned over all plans for the new setting to Copper Creek Partners, a Las Vegas-based business that has been building and detailing the bars, tables, ceiling panels, fixtures and other specialized furniture in the hot spot.

“It’s one of those projects that doesn’t come along very often, where they push the envelope of what’s possible within standard fabrication proceedings,” said company president John Saltonstall. “For us, it’s exactly the kind of project we like because we’re always doing new and interesting things.”

The Copper Creek Partners building and fabrication company began in 2002, when Saltonstall recognized that Las Vegas would be a prime location for a company that could take extravagant designs and custom-make and build accoutrements for the city’s over-the-top shows and events.

“There was a real need at the time for a company that primarily did scenery for corporate events and shows on the Strip,” Saltonstall said. “There really wasn’t a shop like this even though we are considered the entertainment capital of the world.”

The uniquely Vegas company, which is run based on its slogan, “Where your vision becomes reality,” bids on designs for different sets and environments. It then takes those designs and builds everything from the walls to the scenery. The company’s responsibility begins when the plans are turned over to its craftsmen and ends when the front doors open.

Among its clients, Copper Creek Partners lists resorts and architects, and works on projects around the world.

Las Vegas residents don’t have to go far to see the company’s work. The chandelier and the ornate theater details in “Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular” are Copper Creek Partners creations, as are the new museum features at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Visitor Center and the forest-themed lobby for “Spamalot!”

National audiences have viewed the company’s work on television shows like “American Idol,” “Celebrity Poker Showdown” and “Comic Relief.”

Congregation Ner Tamid’s architects worked with Copper Creek Partners’ Millwork division on the new temple in Henderson.

Operated by Saltonstall and principles Jay Ritz and Steve Hartler, the approximately 60 employees at Copper Creek Partners do almost everything in-house. They will add on hundreds of temporary employees for big projects and use subcontractors sporadically for specialized finishes they cannot complete internally, Saltonstall said.

Copper Creek Partners is made up of four divisions — Millwork, Scenery, Rental and Styling.

“The biggest growth sector that I see right now is both the Rental division and the Millwork division,” Saltonstall said. “There are a lot of companies here in town renting equipment to people, but there is not a company in town that also has a custom fabrication arm to it.”

“(Copper Creek Partners) can build absolutely anything,” said Nick Landazuri, managing partner for CatHouse. “If you can imagine it, they can make it a reality. These guys have a huge facility and a phenomenal team in place that give them the capability to meet critical deadlines.”

As Copper Creek Partners continues to expand worldwide, Saltonstall says he has no intentions of relocating.

“This city continues to grow in very positive ways, so there is a ton of business here,” he said.

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