30 People with Pride: Pete Glass, Krave Promoter

Published in QVegas issue May 2008

QVegas May imageIt is often hard to find a good party animal and a good family man. However, after meeting Pete Glass, it turns out we have at least one right here in our Las Vegas community.

Glass moved to Vegas with a job from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he was in charge of the campus fraternities and sororities.

“[The community] felt a bit fragmented when I moved here,” he said. Fortunately, his job in higher ed involved him in many events such as the Black and White Party and the Boa Ball. “[Those events] gave me a sense of hope and helped me meet a lot of people.”

After eight years of working with the university, Glass said good-bye to higher education and started a career as the Harmon Box Office manager. Although he enjoyed his new job, Glass missed his involvement in attending and participating in community events. This pushed him into a side job as a Krave promoter.

Glass has spent much of his time promoting SINdaze, a Sunday night industry event at Krave, which he took over nearly two years ago. “I wanted to play off the seven deadly sins, but anger and sloth are not allowed,” Glass said. “I wanted to provide an alternative—something a little different then everything else out there.”

Although Glass likes to have a good time, he knows there are more important things than partying, and family is one of them. He takes his family life, both his community family and his personal family, very seriously.

When talking about Krave, Glass spoke of more than just a party. He spoke about his family at Krave. “This wouldn’t work if it weren’t for all the other people involved that put their heart and soul into it—the DJ, the go-go dancers, the people who come out … We are all a family,” Glass said. “Even though some of the people have moved on, they always come back and visit because there is a good feeling there.”

In addition to his community family, Glass’ personal family is very important to him. When glass moved here, he not only left his home state of Maryland he also left his baby daughter, who is now 14. He admits that the distance and other circumstances have strained their relationship; however, he smiled and said, “Nothing can take away our relationship. ”Although a party animal, Glass knows what is important in life. “The key is to find that feeling in something and do what you can to sustain it. It all comes from within.”

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