The Queers of Comedy are coming to Vegas

QVegas April issuePublished in QVegas issue April 2010

“Move over Siegfried and Roy! Three queers are coming to town.”

With that, I think Teddy Margas said it all. The three man comedy act, Queers of Comedy, is coming to town and will be performing at The Onyx Theatre May 28 and 29th.

Teddy Margas, Mikey Scott and Cory Schneider, also known as the Queers of Comedy, have two things in common: they’re funny, and they’re gay. But that’s about it.

Teddy is the “older sister” of the group. He’s the oldest and has that attitude of, “Ugh, I’m so over this.” Not comedy of course, but life situations. Mikey is the baby of the group – not only in age, but also in the number of years that he has been doing comedy. The guys claim that Mikey’s a bit ditsy. “Let’s just say he’s like a queer in the headlights,” Cory endearingly explained. And Cory, he’s the middle child. “I’m Jan Brady with a little Charlotte York mixed in,” he described himself. But all jokes aside, he is not only a comedian but an actor as well. “Cory is super funny, but he does his comedy with a serious approach,” Mikey said.

The differences in their personalities are what make these guys funny. They feed off each other. They make fun of each other, endearingly of course, and they offer three different perspectives on just about everything.

The Queers of Comedy started just three years ago. The guys were at a bar Cory worked at during comedy night, they performed together and it was just clicked. “The chemistry was just spot on,” Mikey said.

Since then, the three guys plus their “Queer of Comedy Mystery Van” have performed all over LA and the surrounding areas all the way down to Palm Springs. And soon they’ll be able to add Vegas to that growing roster.

When the three of them are together, the mix could not be funnier. “The funniest part is just how we interact with each other,” Mikey said. Unfortunately, in comedy it’s not just about making your friends laugh, it’s about making strangers laugh. But the guys have that down as well.

“Before [we perform] we’ll assess the venue and assess the type of crowd it typically gets. Then we’re ready for anything,” Teddy explained.

The Vegas show is titled Bitches, Rants and Raves – maybe because the guys like to bitch, rant and rave or maybe because they’re bitches who will rant and rave. Nonetheless, the guys said audiences can expect some stand up and story telling, some audience interaction, perhaps a couple special musical numbers and maybe a video or two as well.

The guys are nonstop. Not only do they regularly perform onstage together, they perform individually and all have jobs at restaurants and bars. “We would love [comedy] to be our full time gig, and we’re working on it,” Cory said.

But no matter how big or small the Queers of Comedy get, they keep their priorities straight (no pun intended). “We always feel that you have to give back to the community. Period. End of story,” Teddy proclaimed. They have given countless hours and comedy to charities in California and they will do just that with their Vegas proceeds as well. The Queers of Comedy have decided to devote a portion of the earnings of their show to the QVegas Foundation, a non-profit organization that organizes fundraisers for various causes, and the Golden Rainbow, a non-profit that provides housing and assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.

The Queers of Comedy will be performing on Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29th at The Onyx Theatre. Visit for more information.

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