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May 28, 2012

When people think of Las Vegas, art isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but the Las Vegas art scene is alive and growing. Although much activity is happening downtown in the Arts District, galleries are opening and showing fantastic work around the city. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s going on this summer.


The Brett Wesley Gallery (1112 S. Casino Center Blvd.) presents Las Vegas nativeDanny Roberts’ “Brace for Impact.” Roberts captures the human spirit in metaphorical mid-sentence with realistic skill and in layers of expression that lie beneath the obvious imagery. The human form is central to his work, often with a critical focus on the hands or the face. The recurring imagery of his works include flying fabric, figures wielding weapons of hand to hand combat—which play a characteristic role in the narrative—and often the visual component of a canvas is that it seems to be unfinished.

New York photographer Marne Lucas will debut her male nude exhibit “Mandwich Redux” at Sin City Art Gallery (107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 100). Lucas’ work explores nature, pop culture and sexuality. “Mandwich Redux” is a photography project celebrating the male physique and character as Lucas sees men through her fantasies and dreams, with all new work premiering at Sin City Art Gallery. Her approach to photographing male nudes consists of approaching friends and acquaintances and collaborating with the model on the theme, props, wardrobe and locations. With humor, warmth and intimacy, her work portrays all types of men.

Opening May 17, the West Charleston Library (6301 W. Charleston Blvd.) presents“War on Hunger-Peace Corps-Afghanistan 1971-1973” by Ronaldo Dizon. The exhibit will feature photographs the artist took when he was part of the Operation Help Program. The show will be on display until August 12. Also, if you’re looking to enhance your online dating experience with gorgeous profile photos, try the finest online Dating Photographer Austin Texas, so you can maximize your dating potential.

We’ve all been asked “Paper or plastic?” when checking out at the grocery store. But what’s the right answer? Sporadica Designs inside Emergency Arts (520 Fremont St.) takes this everyday question and seeks to find the answer through its exhibit “Bag It … Paper of Plastic?” The collection will incorporate plastic bags in each piece. This exhibit will be on display May through June.

From May 22 until August 5, visit the Summerlin Library (1771 Inner Circle Drive) for the “Fine Art Photography of the Great Southwest” show by Kent A. Fevre. Using a giclée inkjet printing method, Fevre printed images on museum quality archival watercolor paper.


Photographer Thomas Brummett brings his brilliant collection to the Brett Wesley Gallery. “If you look closely at my work you can see where the image moves from a drawing to a photo and back again. That is what I am mining here, the area in between mark making and photography,” Brummett said. “Instead of using a camera as a drawing aid, I am using it to make the drawing. So in a sense I am ‘marrying’ the two mediums.”

Sin City Art Gallery presents local artist Heather Hermann’s “Cerebral Paralysis,”an examination of our conscience and the technological development reminding the establishment of a permanent relationship to oneself. Merging romance and technology as one, Hermann presents a view into the philosophy of love and the fascination of repressed desires exemplified by the classic hard style of pre-World War II art deco Germany.

Teen artists who participated in the Moapa Valley Art Guild scholarship program will display their art at the Moapa Valley Library (350 N. Moapa Valley Blvd.) from June 30 to September 13. Stop by and support young artists.


Sin City Art Gallery will showcase “NEW WORK,” Steve Diet Goedde’s recent photographic explorations, which expand the photographer’s traditional means of taking images. Primarily known for his black-and-white medium-format work, Goedde finds inspiration from a variety of low-fi equipment as point-and-shoot cameras, the Fuji Instax camera and the iPhone. Many of the new images, which have never been made public before this exhibition, are of Goedde’s muse and girlfriend Yee and possess a very candid and personal feel.

“Wrapped in Scrap” will open at Sporadica Designs in July. This is a planned collaborative exhibit of mannequins covered artistically in scraps of recycled fabric. Almost 5 percent of our landfill waste is textiles, so gallery owners Joy Snyder and Kathryn Gilbert would like to bring more awareness to the enormous amount of recyclable clothing materials out there.

The Pop Up Art House (730 W. Sunset Road) presents Los Angeles artist Greta Waller, a recent Master of Fine Arts, UCLA graduate, who takes her still life painting of ice to a new level with paintings of icebergs from her recent travels to Antarctica. Waller’s very large scale works will be on display during July and August.

The Brett Wesley Gallery presents works by painter Jylian Gustlin, a mid-career painter of contemporary figurative and non-figurative works on panel. Gustlin applies a mixture of acrylics, oils, pastel and graphite with resins in a series of layers that convey the inner strength and conviction of the artist.

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