Candidates needed for CSUN elections

Published in The Rebel Yell issue 09/13/2007

Rebel Yell imageThe CSUN Senate elections are creeping closer and for the few who actually have an interest in being involved the race is on.

In order to run for a Senate position, filing packets must be turned in before 5 p.m. on Sept. 18. Students can find the CSUN Senate Elections Filing Packet online at inside the CSUN office, located on the third floor of the Student Union Room 316.

As senators students have the opportunity to be the voice for their respective colleges and for the university in general. Many students, however, choose not to run.

“Usually there are not many students, outside of already elected senators, who apply, and if they do it is usually really late. It’s still early,” College of Business Senator Megan Callaghan said.

In order to qualify as a valid applicant of CSUN, there are a few requirements that must be met. According to the CSUN Constitution, students must be enrolled and admitted members of the college they wish to represent at the time of filing, and they must remain so while holding the seat.

Students must also be in good standing with their respective colleges and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA. Applicants cannot file for more than one position in any given CSUN election.

If elected as a senator, students will be required to attend weekly Monday meetings, serve on two committees, speak in two classes, maintain weekly office hours and make decisions that are best for the student body.

There are many bonuses as a member of Senate. Students receive a six-credit fee wavier. They are also paid for every meeting they attend.

However, being a senator is not a position that should be taken lightly. According to the CSUN Senate Elections Filing Packet, “The CSUN Senator’s job is to play a vital role in this university by reaching out to their respective colleges and serving all areas of our UNLV community. [Senators] ultimately determine where over one million dollars of the student’s money goes.”

Each senator’s term runs from Nov. 1, 2007 to Oct. 31, 2008, and elections are held every year, at this time, for all senate positions. This year’s elections are set for Oct. 3 and 4.

“All the senator positions are open, so it could be an entirely new Senate next year,” Megan Callaghan said. “Although I want to be re-elected, I encourage people to run, even in the college of business. It’s your chance to make a difference.”

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